“verba volant, scripta manent.” (words fly away, writings remain)  - Caius Titu 


“Roberto Noce has been a tremendous asset during a very challenging moment of transition in my professional and career development. Roberto is a 110% consummate professional and genuinely cares about others as individuals. The passion he showed for helping me to succeed was very evident. In retrospect, the greatest value that Roberto provided was his ability to encourage me to set proactive goals, help me prioritize, think clearly, and hold myself accountable to reach the goals that were set. This may sound simple, but its value is priceless.

I am happy to say that during the time Roberto and I worked together, I interviewed and received an offer for a tremendous sales leadership role with the major multinational that I been working for the last five years. In the new role I will be responsible for leading a sales team to manage a key account that is a Fortune 50 company and generates nearly $1B in revenue annual for my employer. Having the opportunity to turn to Roberto as a neutral sounding board throughout the interview and offer process was extremely valuable.

I would highly recommend Roberto Noce’s services to anyone who wants to gain control of their lives, both personally and professionally.”

Andrew Schoppe
Senior Account Executive

“Want someone to help your son or daughter figure out the path to future success? Look no further than Roberto Noce. He is an experienced and successful senior executive who is channeling his 20 years of international business experience into helping high school kids figure out their futures. Starting and running successful international companies? Check. Senior engineer who can turn hairy technology into understandable concepts with practical applications. Check. Speak three languages fluently? Check. Dedicated family guy? Check. Forget about the guidance counselor and hire Roberto to help your son or daughter figure out what to do after high school. He is direct, driven and dedicated to helping kids figure out their passion. Particularly if it involves the sciences and business.”

Melanie S. Robbins, Esq.

“Roberto is a seasoned professional excelling in strategy, planning, marketing and business development. He brings with him a broad based technical background that complements his ability to get things done. He is a team player and team builder who can get things done with a high degree of altruism and efficiency. He is welcome on my team anytime”

Bill Washington
Director, Project Development
Pegasus International, Inc.

Due to professional commitments Roberto Noce is available on evenings and weekends.